Welcome to GospelPlainandSimple.com

Welcome to GospelPlainandSimple.com. The purpose of this site is just that, to give you the gospel message, plain and simple. A lot of people just want to hear what the Bible says about the gospel. They want to know the truth without all the hype.  They don’t want to know the gospel according to a Methodist, or Catholic, or Pentecostal, or Baptist. They just want to know what the Bible says about who goes to heaven when they die, and what they have to do to get there.

 On this site you won’t find fancy flash players or PowerPoint shows full of “cool music” and hype. You won’t find links to send us money or join our church. All you’ll find is the Gospel of the grace of God according to the Bible. Then a page with certain helpful links to find other ministries that can help you with different aspects of your spiritual search.

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